Areas of Practice



Specializing in manual therapy, our doctors prefer using hands on techniques mixed with exercise to treat injuries and physical ailments. Our approach allows for a better understanding of a patient's problems, as well as their physical abilities and improvements.

Physical MedicinE

When manual therapies are helping but not providing the results that we desire or at the rate at which we would like, our Medical Director specializes in joint injections, trigger point injections and many other medical procedures to aid in your recovery.

Personalized treatments

Back, Hip & Neck Pain, Sports Injuries, Headaches & Migraines, Numbness, Leg & Arm Pain, Stress, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, & Joint Pain are a few of the areas that we can create a unique treatment approach to help you achieve the life and level of activity you desire.

Occupational Medicine 

The branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries occurring at work or in specific occupations. Services offered in our office are; Vaccinations, TB Testing, Drug Screens, Pre-employment Physicals, Work Placement Physicals, and Saliva Alcohol Tests. 

Knee Pain

If you've been living with debilitating pain in your knees and other joints, we have good news; surgery isn't your only option. Our proven non-surgical approach to osteoarthritis relieves pain, promotes healing, and increases mobility. This safe, successful treatment combines physical therapy with FDA approved treatments that reduce inflammation and act as a shock absorber for joints.

DOT Physicals

The DOT outlines specific regulations regarding testing of anyone who will be operating a commercial motor vehicle. At the Center For Health and Wellness, our doctors are FMCSA certified in DOT testing requirements, ensuring your organization’s total compliance.